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We are writing this letter to explain to whomever reads this that Ben Thompson and Born Again Properties, Inc has done everything that we have previously discussed to get us into our home. Anything that we have asked of him gets done within the amount of time that Ben says it will take...
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House for Sale in Auburn, NY
If you are looking to buy a house in the Auburn, NY or in Cayuga County or Northern Onondaga County, we can help. We have several houses for sale currently, plus we can look for a house that meets your requirements.
Born Again Properties, Inc. is not a Realtor. We buy and sell houses. We offer you several advantages over traditional Realtors.

We Can Find and Fix Up The Perfect House
Finding the perfect house for the right price is your primary goal. Too often though, you are asked to sacrifice one of those for the other. The price may be right, but the house is not. It may need to be fixed up, for instance. Or, the house is perfect, but the price is too high.
We try to make sure both components are in place. We start by finding out just what kind of house you are looking for. We then look for a house that will fit your needs. If the house is in a state of disrepair, we can buy it and fix it up before you purchase it from us. We have renovated 100's of houses in the Auburn, New York region. We can quickly determine if we will be able to renovate the house to your needs and keep it at the price you want. If we can't, we won't try to convince you to buy anyway. We will just keep looking.

We Charge No Commission
We make our money through buying, fixing, and selling houses. We do not charge any commission to find you a house, which means we won't inflate prices to bring in a larger percentage. Instead, we work to price a house so that you can afford to buy it. We make money by improving the property in a very efficient and professional manner.

We Offer Flexible Terms and Multiple Buying Options
We can work with you no matter what your financial situation. As long as you can show us an ability to pay, we can work out terms even if you have poor credit. Of course, you can always purchase a house from us using a traditional mortgage. Other options include our lease to own program, which helps you work toward home ownership, and our credit repair program, which gets you into a house now as you repair your credit enough to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Let Us Know What You Are Looking For
Take a moment right now to fill out our form to let us know what you are looking for. We will be in contact with you and see what we can do to find you the perfect house and the perfect payment plan.

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