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I am writing about the house we purchased from you in September at 157 Seymour St. Our family is enjoying our first summer in our new home. I want to thank you for all that you and your family has done for us. You were very prompt on calling us back about looking at the house...
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Are You in a Must Sell Situation with Your House?
Maybe you are like some old neighbors of mine. Lets call them Bob and Beth. Bob got a new job in another state and had to move his family for the work. With a new job, in a new community, they obviously needed a new house. The problem was, they already had a house, which they would have to sell. The housing market hasn't been that great around here in recent years, and houses often take a long time to sell. Bob and Beth didn't have the time.

They ended up moving anyway. What choice did they have? Sometimes, you have to go where you can find work. The sad thing is, they never sold their house. Eventually it went into foreclosure and the bank took it over. I am sure it was a hard time for them, and the effects of that can harm your finances for years.

There can be a lot of emotional torment and financial stress if you are in a situation where you must sell your house. You may be facing foreclosure or you may be looking at having to pay two mortgages. If you are in a situation like this, it is helpful to know your options.

When you are in a must sell situation, you are probably going to have to make compromises. Unfortunately, there are some people who will try to take advantage of your situation. That is why it is important to know your options and to set realistic expectations for selling your home.

The Traditional Market
Usually, when someone wants to sell a house, they call in a real estate agent. The agent lists and shows the home, hoping to sell it and collect a commission. This is a tried and true method, and it usually works. Eventually. Some houses sell in days, others take years. A lot depends on asking price and location, as well as the condition of the house.

The problem is, if you are in a must sell situation, most real estate agents don't know how to help you. The have a methodology that they follow, and it takes time. Even if they get you an offer quickly, there is usually a drawn out process to go through on inspections, bank approval, and negotiations. It all takes time, which is something you don't have a lot of.

You may want to take a leap of faith and just go ahead and move, hoping that your house will sell. In the meantime, you are still paying your monthly mortgage and your real estate agent does not have an incentive to try to move your house any faster. For them, a sale is a sale, and it might as well be the next house as yours.

The Investor
So, if selling through a traditional real estate agent doesn't work, what will? You certainly aren't going to be any more successful trying to sell your house yourself. There is another option widely available to people who need to sell their home. You could sell to an investor.

A house investor is a person or company that makes money by buying and selling houses. Each investor works a little differently. Some may want to buy houses to use as rental properties. Others are looking to buy run down houses and fix them up, selling them for a profit. Many are happy to help out people in a must buy situation, helping clear the mortgage debt so the person can move on and being happy to resell it at a little bit of profit.

An investor has more time than you do, so he or she can wait until the market picks back up or until the right buyer comes along. Investors also usually have good networks that help them sell homes.

It is important to know why an investor will be willing to buy your home. Most people who buy and sell houses are just normal people like you, making normal livings.

A good investor can sit down with you and talk about your situation. If you must sell, he or she can often help. It all comes down to what you need and what you are willing to give. For instance, if you need to clear up your mortgage so you can just start fresh, an investor will often have the ability to take your mortgage over for you. You might be able to walk away with some cash, as well, but this depends on how much you owe on the house and how much it is worth. You will not be getting your dream price for your house if you work with an investor, but you can get a fair price.

Finding an investor can take a little work. Look in your local papers for ads for people who buy houses. You also might see signs around. Ask around among your friends as well, as they may know someone. You can also do a web search. Try typing in House Investors or We Buy Houses, followed by your city and state. If you live in Cayuga or Onondaga County in New York State, Born Again Properties, Inc. can help you.

Finding an investor is not enough. You need to find one with a good reputation and willingness to work with you and explain everything clearly. What you need to avoid is a shyster.

The Shyster
The shyster is the person who is only looking for how he or she can benefit from your situation. While this person could be an investor, it is important to note that most investors are not shysters.

It is pretty easy to spot someone who is only looking to benefit themselves from your situation. These are people who don't listen. They will be pushy and won't spend the time to explain anything to you. If someone is trying to make you feel stupid, feel panicked, or whatever, you should look for a different person.

While you are in a must sell situation, you don't need to be bullied into a scenario that you are not comfortable with. This can be a nerve-wracking time. But it is far better to put in the effort to find the right investor or advice, rather than hiding from the situation. Just do your research and make sure you and your family is comfortable with any decision you end up making.

Rent Your Home Out Yourself
One option that many people consider when they are in the situation of needing to move fast is renting out their house rather than selling it. While this may work in some situations, becoming a landlord should be done with much planning. In fact, it rarely pays off to just rent out one house, the hassles and the danger of not getting renters are just too great. Then there are questions of up keep and maintenance.

So, if you don't have experience and a long term plan for owning rental property, this is probably not the way to go. You may just be prolonging the inevitable, and will have to pay the mortgage or for upkeep along the way.

Solve Your Must Sell Dilemma
The best bet in solving your must sell dilemma is to approach it with calm. You may not have much time, but don't lose your head. It doesn't hurt to talk to a real estate agent and to try to sell your home traditionally. At the same time, you should be looking for investors who might be interested in buying your house.

The investor solution is often the right one when you must sell. Finding the right person to work with is essential here, so you are comfortable and don't have to deal with someone who only cares about himself. The good news is that there are a lot of professional investors out there who have just the solution for your must sell situation.

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