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Hi, To Whom This May Concern,
I am writing this letter in behalf of Ben Thompson. He sold my boyfriend and I a trailer in December. He was very pleasant to do business with. Ben was very honest. He fixed things in the trailer, before we even moved into it...
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What's My House Worth?
House value is very subjective. The value of your house depends on several factors. One of the biggest factors is how much a house of similar size in the same neighborhood has sold for in the last six months. However, house prices are often subject to change, quite rapidly and for reasons that are hard to explain at times.
The ultimate value of your house is the price that you end up selling it for. It can be appraised high or low. What really matters is whether you can find a buyer and whether you and the buyer can agree on a price that suits both parties.
If you are ready to sell your house, there are several factors you should consider when trying to answer the question, "what is my house worth?"

What Have Other Houses Sold For Nearby?
Finding the perfect house for the right price is your primary goal. Too often though, you are asked to sacrifice one of those for the other. The price may be right, but the house is not. It may need to be fixed up, for instance. Or, the house is perfect, but the price is too high.
We try to make sure both components are in place. We start by finding out just what kind of house you are looking for. We then look for a house that will fit your needs. If the house is in a state of disrepair, we can buy it and fix it up before you purchase it from us. We have renovated 100's of houses in the Auburn, New York region. We can quickly determine if we will be able to renovate the house to your needs and keep it at the price you want. If we can't, we won't try to convince you to buy anyway. We will just keep looking.

When Do You Need to Move?
If your main goal is to move quickly, you can often find a buyer who is willing to assume your debt. This means that they can take over the mortgage for you and you will be free and clear to move into your next home. This is a particularly viable option if you still owe quite a bit on your current house.
If you don't owe a lot on the other hand, you may be able to find a buyer to who can quickly pay cash. This will likely happen if you offer a deal that is good for both of you. On your part, you can pay off the remainder of your house and get enough cash out of it for a down payment on your next house. The buyer gets your house at a discount by providing quick payment and can in turn make a profit or move into your house with a decent amount of equity built up.

Should You Sell to an Investor?
This depends on two things. First is what you need to accomplish. The second is who the investor is.
If you need to sell your home quickly, at a fair price, working with an investor can be a great option. This is especially true if you are in a situation where you owe a large portion of your mortgage, need to move quickly, or can't sell your house. Rather than continue to make payments on two houses, you can sell your house to an investor.
When deciding to sell your home to an investor, choosing the right one is important. It is necessary to find someone who you can trust and who can explain the whole process to you clearly. A good investor will have several options available for you to sell your house, besides a traditional mortgage. He or she will work with you to find the option that best suits you.
The best thing about selling your house to an investor is that you will be able to sell it in a timely manner. You will not have to depend on the whims of the real estate market and buyers who need to get approved for a mortgage. An investor who offers you a fair price can help you sell your home quickly. Unlike a real estate agent, they are not promising to try to sell your house and then collecting a part of the sale if they succeed. Instead, an investor directly buys your house, taking the risk of ownership, and there is no need to give a percentage to anyone.

What is My House Worth?
Your house is worth whatever you can sell it for. If you do a little research and know your options, you can often sell your house quickly and for a price that works for you and your buyer. Be realistic about your needs and find a solution that will help answer those needs. Often, a good investor is a great way to go. You can directly negotiate a fair price and be assured that your house is sold. You can then move on with your life and not have to worry about extra house payments or upkeep, or whether or not your real estate agent is doing his job.